七种Hook Sentences例子让读者离不开你的作品 ,hook sentences怎么写?

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写一篇能够吸引读者直到最后一个字的文章是优秀写作者的基本功,你希望你的文章足够有趣,让你的教授给你一个高分?但大部分是从第一句话开始的,大多数人在这里就已经栽跟头了!所以我们才会花这么大篇幅来介绍,为什么essay hook这么重要。ExcellentDue服务宗旨在帮助学生代写出能让他们获得好成绩的论文和研究报告。如果你也需要,请联系我们的客服

什么是Essay Hook?


作文Hook是你的作文的开场白。它通常是 “导论 “的第一句话,但也可以是不止一句话。它是吸引注意力的工具,为文章定下基调,并介绍其主题。因此,一篇优秀的文章的Hook应该是简短的,但同时又是有创意的和有内容的。每次写研究论文、文章或任何简单的文章时,你如何才能做到这一点? 我们将给你一些关于如何写好论文Hook的想法。


写好Hook Sentences的几个例子

你应该为你的论文写什么样的Hook Sentences,应该取决于你所写的论文类型和你的写作风格(如果是正式或非正式)。不过,这里有一些作文Hook的想法。这是一篇 essay文章中的 hook,尽管不能说是必需的,但是如果能写好 essay hook的话,就会激励你的 tutor继续阅读。假如你的 essay老师刚拿到手就不想看了,那这篇 essay想要取得高分基本上是不可能的。Excellent Due把如何编写 essayhook的范例和常见类型以表格的形式呈现给你,让你更直观地了解如何写 essay hook!

essay hook类型                                              essay hook范例

Quotation引用作为essay hook – General Patton once said, “If a man does his best, what else is there?”
– When Hillary Clinton said “we must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society,” she highlighted one of the biggest issues in American politics.
Anecdote用奇闻异事写essay hook – There was nothing more isolating than being alone in a foreign country, with no cell phone, no money, and no ability to speak the language.
– It was Christmas of 1995 when my parents taught me a valuable lesson: always expect the unexpected.
Rhetorical question运用反问句写essay hook – Have you ever wondered what you would do if you couldn’t fail?
– What’s the one thing you can do to make the world a better place?
Interesting fact使用有趣事实作为essay hook – China is going to spend $850 billion to clean up its water supply over the next decade.
– Ancient Egyptians used heavy eye makeup to keep evil spirits at bay and to protect their eyes from infection.
Simile or metaphor使用明喻或暗喻撰写essay hook – When I first went to Japan, it was like a baby bird trying to fly for the first time.
– The high rate of poverty in America is the country’s elephant in the room.




“According to the WHO, around 20% of children all over the world are suffering from a mental disorder, yet only 3% are receiving psychological help.”

“Suicide is a preventable tragedy, yet it continues to be the leading cause of death in the US.” (from our sample Psychology paper)

“People all over the world have been using a cellular phone for the past 30 years and for the same amount of time, the scientific community and the wireless phones industry had been trying to prove if mobile phones cause cancer or not.” (from our sample research paper)

“The recreational use of marijuana was initially legalized in Colorado and Washington in 2012, after which many other states followed suit.” (from our sample essay on a controversial topic)







“As a child, my father was rarely at home, but during the times when he was at home, he often punished us. As a result, we were unable to form a strong bond with our father…”

“Only one person comes to mind when presented with the image of a woman with the bushy uni-brow, flowers on her braided hair, and colorful dresses. That woman is world renowned artist Frida Kahlo.”

“I still remember the years my family spent in the hospital taking turns to watch and take care of our bed-ridden grandmother. She can barely recognize us, and only the machines were keeping her alive. The question of mercy killing was brought up numerous times then.”

“Since I was twelve, I have not been able to walk the streets comfortably, not since a man told me something I did not fully understand but knew was sexual as we passed by each other. Years later, I realized that I was not alone in this experience.”








A great hook for a biography essay on someone famous, such as Maya Angelou, for example is a quote that captures her contribution in history. For example, this quote:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

If you’re writing a book report or an analysis of a book or story, it is a good idea to use a quote from the work as a hook. For example, a good hook for an essay on To Kill A Mockingbird would be:

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

“Let me start this essay with the quote ‘The unexamined life is not worth living, ’ which is not only the subject of this essay but is also Socrates’s most quoted statement.” (from the sample Philosophy term paper)








“Children have always been regarded as the symbol of the future. This is an apt metaphor, considering how each child possesses great promise.” (from the sample Psychology paper on child abuse)

“Racism is a disease that has plagued society for centuries.”

“Education is the foundation that support’s a child’s development.”

“The world has been transformed into a global village, where one person can reach another person thousands of miles away as if they were in another block. This phenomenon would not have been possible without globalization.”






“Certain rights and privileges come with age. The right to vote, for instance, does not come until a person reaches the age of majority. The privilege to drive an automobile is likewise granted only after a person reaches a certain age, in most cases the age of 16 or 17 years.  Even the purchase of cigarettes is allowed for people of a certain age, given the harmful effects of smoking.” (from the sample persuasive essay)

“They say that if you remember the 60’s then you weren’t at Woodstock. But the truth couldn’t be farther from this because many people still remember the weekend of August 15, 16, and 17 1969.” (from the sample essay on Woodstock 1969: Peace And Love)

“Over the past several years, securing women’s right to abortion have taken big steps in many countries.” (from the sample essay on abortion)

“The Land of the Free has always stood loud and proud about democracy and individual rights, with some even going as far as believing the country to be the epitome of freedom.” (from our research paper on NRA And Gun Control)






“Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany — the ‘City of Reich Party Rallies’ — is a lovely city, but in its streets live the horrifying shadows of the past because it was in Nuremberg that Adolf Hitler established the laws that stripped off many people of their known racial identity and social worth.” (from the sample history research paper)

“Majority of people nowadays lead a sedentary life—they commute to work in their cars, sit most of 8 hours hunched over the computer, and then sit on their couch until it’s time for bed.”

“For years, the sidelines of vibrant Pride Parades in various states, are lined with people bearing crosses, bibles, and hateful speech scribbled angrily on a placard. Almost always, these people are furiously shouting at the LGBTQ+ community and their allies who try to ignore their tirades.”

“I was welcomed by a strange scent as I stepped out of the plane and into the jet bridge connected to the main building. Everything seemed to move too fast, people hurried to and fro, dragging their heavy bags around. This is New York, I thought to myself.”





“How many times in a day do you encounter advertisements? Advertisements nowadays exist in almost every corner of our lives—you find them in your phone, cereal box, street lights, and so on.”

“Are people who have pets remain happier than those without?”

“Do you get quality sleep every night? Studies show that 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep, while 1 in 4 adults suffer from insomnia.”

“Which is the superior operating system—Microsoft or macOS? These are the two top operating systems used in the world, and are the subject of serious debates.”





你对论文Hook的选择对你的论文对读者的影响有很大影响。无论你的读者是你的教授,你的同学,还是更多的读者,重要的是让他们从一开始就对你感兴趣。选择 “正确的 “论文Hook没有任何公式;大多数时候,选择是本能的。然而,在作出选择时,你要考虑以下几点。






练习时为你的论文选择一个essay hook句子,这这将帮助你的文章增加粘度,以便你能成功地达到你的预期目标–无论采用以上的告知、争论、说服,还是比较。与写作的所有其他方面一样,为你的文章选择最佳Hook语句的能力来自于练习和实践! 更多essay代写请联系客服~


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