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英国生物学论文代写 滥用药物

药物滥用的原因有很多,无论是自我治疗还是消遣。无论如何,这是另一个问题,如果不解决,可能会对多伊产生影响。药物滥用并不总是与贫穷的家庭环境有关,但可能会增加不良父母行为的风险,增加儿童使用药物的可能性,以及儿童虐待和忽视(Schroeder, Kelley, & Fals-Stewart 2006)。需要注意的是,这一点很重要,因为多伊夫人的孩子都在州政府的监护之下。如果多伊夫人无法达到清醒,那么这不仅会极大地影响她的健康,而且最终会对她的孩子产生影响。最后,每个人都有可以改进的地方,无论是心理健康,药物滥用还是其他很多方面,但如果我们选择不去解决这些问题,那么总会有风险。开始时,它可能不明显,但随着时间的推移,它会变得明显,对健康的生活有害。过渡到治疗,有许多类型的干预提供解决上述讨论的问题。我认为认知加工疗法(CPT)对多伊夫人很有帮助。多伊夫人被诊断患有创伤后应激障碍和重度抑郁症,CPT能够处理她生活中的创伤事件和抑郁。CPT能够专注于发现阻碍病人康复的创伤性事件。通过这种方式,治疗师允许客户评估自己的生活,这样他们就可以去做,而不是被告知该做什么。该项目寻求客户理解,接受,感觉,减少和改善日常生活的创伤后应激障碍和抑郁症。这个项目可以在12周内完成,也可以在小组和个人中完成。这个计划包括家庭作业来证明对这个计划的理解。该项目可以在社区环境中进行,并以多种语言提供(Resick, 2013)。这个项目不仅能够解决多伊夫人的问题,但它允许她努力在一个适当的时间方式恢复。此外,该项目似乎在其他与创伤后应激障碍和抑郁症状斗争的女性身上取得了成功。关于使用认知加工疗法治疗创伤后应激障碍和抑郁症,进行了一项与长时间暴露(PE)和最小注意条件(MA)进行比较的研究。所有受试者为平均年龄32岁的女性。他们被随机分成三个不同的组,结果显示CPT在时间上比另外两个稍微有优势。

英国生物学论文代写 滥用药物

Substance abuse can be for many reasons, whether it is for self-medicating or recreationally. Regardless, it is another issue, that if not address could have an effect on Mrs. Doe. Substance abuse is not always connected to a poor family environment, but may increase risk for poor parenting behaviors, increase likelihood of child drug use, and child abuse and neglect (Schroeder, Kelley, & Fals-Stewart 2006). This is important to note, because Mrs. Doe’s children are in state custody. If Mrs. Doe is unable to reach sobriety, then this could not only greatly affect her well-being, but ultimately have an impact on her children as well. In the end, everyone has areas that could use improving, whether it is mental health, substance abuse or many more, but if we chose not to address these issues, then there are always going to be risk. In beginning, it may not be noticeable, but overtime it can become evident and detrimental towards a healthy life. Transitioning to treatment, there are many types of intervention offered to address the discussed issues above. One treatment that I feel could be of good use for Mrs. Doe, would be Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). Mrs. Doe having a diagnosis of PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder, CPT is capable of addressing traumatic events and depression within her life. CPT is able to focuses on and detect traumatic events that are hindering a client’s recovery. Doing this, therapists allow clients to assess their own lives so they can do it, rather than being told what to do. The program looks for the client to understand, accept, feel, decrease, and improve daily living in regards to their PTSD and depression. The program can be completed in twelve weeks and can be done in a group and individual setting. The program consist of homework to prove understanding of the program. The program can be done in a community setting and is offered in multiple languages (Resick, 2013). Not only is this program able to address the issues for Mrs. Doe, but it allows her to work towards her recovery in a time appropriate manner. Furthermore, the program does appear to have success in regards to other women that have struggled with symptoms of PTSD and depression. Regarding treatment for PTSD and depression when using Cognitive Processing Therapy, a study was done in comparison to prolonged exposure (PE) and a minimal attention condition (MA). All subjects were women with a mean age of thirty-two. They were randomized, into three different groups, and results showed that CPT had a slight advantage over time in comparison to the other two.

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