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澳洲代写作业 大麻


在荷兰有一个叫做“het Gedoogbeleid”政策。这是一个非常奇怪的政策,首先因为它使它合法购买和使用大麻在荷兰在其他和周边国家虽然这是违法的。第二,在大量生产这种药物是违法的。平民可以长到5大麻植物在他们自己的房子。他们的想法是,这些平民一起提供大麻咖啡店。显然这并没有工作和许多大非法种植园建立全国提供大麻的咖啡店。我不理解为什么荷兰使它合法的消费和购买大麻咖啡店,但这是违法的商店为自己提供足够的大麻。我认为政府和社会能使利润分配时调整政策

澳洲代写作业 大麻

Usually drug addicts can be spotted by sloppy clothes, unkempt appearance and a stooped posture. My opinion about these people is that they clearly made some wrong decisions in life. I belief drug addicts have a character that is a little naïve, lack in discipline, are curious, manipulable and low on social interaction. I cited naïve because addicted people say they do not have a problem, but obviously they do. It is clear that not everyone develops problems when using drugs frequently. Maybe these people have high discipline to fight against the crave to use drugs and work on their to do list first, before getting high. Or they are socially wealthy and get positive influence from surroundings, like other distracting activities, and are being alerted when they tend to head into the wrong direction.To tackle drug related problems, the government can make drugs illegal, but that does not seem to solve those problems. An example for this is the reclamation of alcohol that the United States tried to implement in the twenties. They thought this was a good intervention to fight alcoholism and to prevent direct and indirect negative consequences of alcohol use, but unfortunately the opposite was true. A couple of unintended side effects were: due to the reclamation the government received les excise taxes; a growth in the black market and organized crime occurred, which dealt damage to the economy; home distilled liquor can be dangerous because the brewer has a risk of getting intoxicated with toxic substances or byproducts, which can add to the healthcare costs.

In the Netherlands we have a policy called ‘het Gedoogbeleid’. This is a very odd policy, first of all because it makes it legal to buy and consume cannabis in the Netherlands while this is illegal in other and surrounding countries. Second, the production of this drug in large amounts is illegal. Civilians are allowed to grow up to five cannabis plants in their own houses. The idea was that these civilians had to work together to provide cannabis for the coffee shops. Obviously this did not work and many big illegal plantations established throughout the country to provide the coffee shops of cannabis. I do not understand why the Dutch make it legal to consume and buy cannabis in the coffee shops, but that it is illegal for those shops to provide themselves with enough cannabis. I think the government and the society can make allot of profit when they adapt the policy