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澳洲代写作业 中风幸存者

查尔斯是一位65岁的中风幸存者。这个斯托克城之前,他曾经是一个细木工。查尔斯中风后剩下的障碍。这些障碍包括局部瘫痪的右边他的身体和语言障碍。查尔斯的妻子今年63岁,已经解决的压力和疲惫,照顾她的丈夫。她还挣扎在应对疾病带来的破坏她和她的丈夫。尽管这对夫妇有两个成年子女,他们住英里之外,经常无法访问。中风是动脉和血管的疾病。中风发生在重要的动脉主要血液、氧气和营养大脑成为interrruped。此时,由于血液和养分被切断的大脑,大脑开始死亡。有许多罢工的症状。这些包括:出血性中风发生在动脉破裂导致大脑受损或破裂,导致血池进入大脑。出血性中风往往是他最危险。一个缺血性中风发生在血液在动脉内凝结成了一个质量。凝块的主要血管,可能旅行认为循环系统。根据HEalthlink。ca 8的缺血性中风。

澳洲代写作业 中风幸存者

Charles is a 65 year old stroke survivor. Prior to this stoke, he was once a working as a cabinet maker. Charles was left with impairments following the stroke. Some of these impairments included partial paralysis on the right side of his body and speech impediments. Charles’s wife aged 63, has had to deal the stress and exhaustion that comes with caring for her husband during this time. She also struggles in coping with the devastation that the illness brought to her and her husband. Although the couple has two adult children, they live miles away and are unable to frequently visit.Stroke is disease of the arteries and blood vessels. A stroke occurs when important arteries leading blood, oxygen or nutrients to the brain become interrruped. At this time, because blood and nutrients are being cutoff from the brain, the brain begins to die. There are many symptoms of a strike. These include:Hemorrhagic Stroke occurs when a broken artery leading to the brain is damaged or bursts and causes blood to pool into the brain. Hemorrhagic strokes are often he most dangerous. An Ischemic Stroke occurs when blood gets congealed into a mass throughout the artery. The clot blocks a major blood vessel and may travel thought the circulatory system. According to the, 8 out of 10 strokes are Ischemic.



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