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The article that I have chosen to study is based on the children’s hit television programme Grange Hill (1978). Grange Hill is a British television drama series originally made by the BBC. The show began in 1978 on BBC1 and was one of the longest running programmes on British television. It was created by Phil Redmond, who is also responsible for the Channel 4 dramas Brookside and Hollyoaks; other notable production team members down the years have included producer Colin Cant and script editor Anthony Minghella. The drama was centred on the fictional comprehensive school of Grange Hill in the (equally fictitious) borough of North London called “Northam” (although when filming moved to Liverpool in 2003, it ceased to have any specific location), and follows the lives of the students as they progress through school. The series was to have originally been called Grange Park. The article, called Thirty years of Grange Hill by Simon Luxton raises interesting issues that were highlighted throughout the children’s television programme concerning controversial issues, such as teenage pregnancy and drug addiction, as well as other boundary-breaking social issues. Simon Luxton also highlights how the different portrayals of ‘real’ children, allows the audience to relate easier to the different characters, allowing the fan base of Grange Hill to keep on increasing.

“Trisha Yates was a school-uniform hating but good-natured rebel who would fight for what she believed in. The star of the show, as he would prove to be, was Peter ‘Tucker’ Jenkins. He was the cheeky, fast-talking scamp who was forever causing his teachers headaches, but like Trisha, stood up to the bullies while not putting any more effort into school work than was necessary to keep teachers sweet”.

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