Auckland奥克兰assignment代写 网上交友是否明智? is it wise to make friends online

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When it comes to making friends online,different people hold different attitudes. Some people believe that it’s wisechoice to make friends online since internet has enlarge their circle offriends. However, the rest of them argue that it is indiscreet to make netfriends because internet friendship is not reliable. As far as I concerned, Iagree with the former because there are more advantages than disadvantages tomake net friends.

In the first place, we can make goodfriends with the same interest online. Especially to the social elite, whenthey graduate from school and go to work, it is hard to find someone who sharesthe same interest with them, which make them hard to find a new good friend inthe workplace. Internet provides an easy access to make new friends.

In the second place, we can speak our mindfreely with our online friends. For instance, when we fall into depression, wewould like to go for our net friends because we are afraid of becoming a sourceof worries to our real-life friends if we do otherwise. In addition, netfriends provide us with wider horizons to know the world in which we live, wecan learn from them all kinds of information and knowledge from all walks oflife.

Therefore, a natural conclusion can bedrawn that making friends online is beneficial to people’s communication andgrowth of knowledge, it is unwise that someone do not making friends onlinebecause fear of taking risks, in that case, we should only be careful of makingnet friends, and choose them wisely.

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