Biology Assignment 代写 an unforgettable event一件难忘的事(二)

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      The village where I spent my childhood lies at the foot of a mountain.The surroundings are very beautiful.There are limpid streams,winding trails lined with green grass and colourful flowers,and stretches of dense woods.Although the life of the villagers has been much improved,they are still poor,for the village is not conveniently located.
       Father,mother and elder sister have been working hard to support my schooling.They expect me to learn more knowledge and be capable of doing greater things for our country.I often prepare my lessons late into the night,for I know at the same time my parents and sister are weaving wicker baskets or processing tea for sle to make money to cover my expenses at school.
       Last summer,when the college admission notice reached me,I was wild with joy while mother and sister shed happy tears.Twenty days later,my sister and I walked to the nearest town and there we took a bus to the nearest railway station in another small city.My sister would see that I took the train safely.When we reached the railway staton,sweat suddenly appeared on my forehead,yet a cold feeling crawled at my back and legs.The bag with the admission notice and 5000 yuan was missing!
       It was already very dark,for it was nearly 8 o'clock in the evening.We hurried back to the bus station with little hope to find the bag again.