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2000本公司出售了其在Burton的饼干的利益。在2004获得了声调的香料生意,Fleischman酵母业务从Burns Philp 2007收购Patak的印度食品业务。





The company was founded initially as Food Investments Limited, by Canadian Willard Garfield Weston in 1935, with the name changing to Allied Bakeries Limited a month later. In 1960 the name was changed again to Associated British Foods. The Company acquired Fine Fare in 1963, a leading British supermarket chain. After the death of the founder in 1978, the company’s control was passed on to his son Garry, while the North American operations fell to his son Galen.

While Garry maintained the company’s prominence in the European foods market, ABF’s growth has been eclipsed by the phenomenal performance of George Weston Ltd. in North America.

In 2000 the company sold its interests in Burton’s Biscuits. In 2004 it acquired the Tone’s spice business and Fleischman yeast business from Burns Philp and in 2007 it purchased Patak’s Indian food business.

The Company has no trade creditors but has a group policy on payment of suppliers set out in its Business Principles which states that the group settles its bills promptly, being a signatory to the Better Payment Practice Code.

The group derives over 55% of its turnover from the production and sale of food and has a positive role to play in contributing to the quality of people’s lives by providing wholesome and nutritious foods, food ingredients and animal feedstuffs. Sugar, tea, flour, bread, cereals, meat and dairy products are part of people’s daily lives all over the world.

Associated British Foods (ABF) has been growing through acquisitions of complimentary businesses. It aims to increase its presence in newer markets and segments by adding greater diversity to its product portfolio and expanding its operations. The company has divested businesses and focused on reshaping its businesses in order to achieve operational efficiency and drive sales and profit growth.