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Sony: The technique for promoting their products that I will recommend for Sony will be a mix of prizes and gift with purchase. This can be either a prize competition or a gift along with the product purchase. I have given this recommendation for Sony because it is already a well established company which needs to give incentives to customers so as to attract them. This way for a limited time they can increase their sales. For example if someone is interested in purchasing a laptop and Sony is offering free gifts, such as free color change, free name engraving, a laptop bag or a Sony camera will encourage the customer to prefer Sony over other competitors. Also the competition and prizes will create a desire in customers to own a Sony laptop or TV or any other product.

Bata shoes: The techniques to be used by Bata in my opinion can be promotional prices, freebies, coupons or even membership cards. The best would be to give away membership cards to regular customers for a given percentage of discounts. Coupons or free gift like socks along with the shoes can also be used. The most common technique in this type of product would be to add promotional prices for a limited time such as buy one get one half off or free. I have recommended these techniques to stimulate demand in customers for their product. This will encourage customers to be more regular buyers of Bata Company. These techniques, coupons & membership cards, compared to Sony BTL techniques are more appropriate for them because this product is purchased more frequently than Sony products which are expensive electronics.