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波士顿作业代写 我最喜欢的课程 my favorite course

It is not easy to choose a favorite class. However, while I find many of my courses interesting, my favorite class is spoken English class. The reason why I like the class are various.


First, unlike other class, spoken English class is free to talk. In the class, we can talk any topic, it is no need to sit silently, the aim of the class is to speak, students are encouraged to give their ideas freely. The students and the teacher give reaction to each other, we will not be sleepy easily.


Second, as the class is much free to talk, students won’t feel embarrassed when they are making mistakes. When we are having other class, we need to answer the teachers’ questions, if we give the wrong answer, we will feel dismay, but in the spoken English class is different, the more we say, the better, because practice means perfect, no one will laugh at the mistake.


I like spoken English class, every time when I have the class, I feel easy and happy to learn. I don’t have pressure to make mistakes, because all of us will do, only practice makes perfect.