Case Analysis 代写 如何成为优秀的大学老师?what makes a good college teacher

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A good teacher, in our minds,means that giving us all knowledge he knows absolutely, supervising studentsstrictly, teaching students by holding their hands, assigning proper homeworkto students and being kind enough to give students time to relieve pressure and so on. Of course, these are my previous ideas which show myimmaturity to a certain extent. But those ways catering to examination-orientededucation are necessary before stepping into university. With the age andexperience growing, my thoughts become mature gradually.


From the perspective of a collegestudent, it’s quite ridiculous that a college teacher still follow the teachingpatterns of middle school because of the freedom and open of university. In myhumble opinion, first of all, as a college teacher, the most basic is thatteachers should possess good professional quality and be proficient in theirteaching subjects, which means that they will not only explain the textthoroughly, but also tell students more extracurricular knowledge on the topicto broaden their horizons and make them throw light on the text deeply.Meanwhile, teachers should mobilize the enthusiasm and initiation of studentsto make the whole class lively and be good at asking questions to encouragestudents to think on their own and foster their creativity, rather than letthem learn by rote. What’s more, in university---- an academic palace, teachersshould regard students as their friends to establish good relationship betweenteachers and students, and create an equal platform for students to speak theirmind freely. This way of teaching benefits teachers as well as students.


To sum up, college is differentfrom middle school, so there is a great difference between them in teaching. Accordingly,college teachers should hold different teaching methods towards collegestudents. Only this can make a good college teacher.