Case Analysis 代写:研究影响

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Case Analysis 代写:研究影响

Before examining the influence that United States had upon the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is important to have significant background knowledge on the fore mentioned nation. The history of the African continent has been marked by imperialism, oppression, violence and revolution. The history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, originally named the Belgian Congo and then Zaire, is no different. Located in western central Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is surrounded by instability including the countries of Rwanda, Burundi, and Angola. Like many African countries in the Cold War, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then known as the Congo, was heavily influenced by both the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States of America. However the most prominent influence of a Cold War superpower in The Democratic Republic of the Congo was that of the United States, especially its Central Intelligence Agency. This influence has shaped the development of this Central African nation, and the aftermath of American intervention is still felt today.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo lies in the heart of Africa. It is a large country covering 2,345,410 square kilometers or 905,568 square miles. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is mostly landlocked except for 37 kilometers (23 miles) of coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Despite its large size only 2.86% of the Democratic Republic of the Congo's land is arable and only 0.47% of the land supports permanent crops. The main agricultural products of the Democratic Republic of the Congo include coffee, sugar, rubber, tea, and quinine, and agriculture makes up 55% of the country's gross domestic product. The Congo River flows through the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The river's basin and rainforest make up a large part of the northwestern and central areas of the country. The Congo River and others provide much of the irrigation used in the country's agriculture. The land of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is rich in minerals and natural of resources such as diamonds, copper, gold, and cobalt