Case Studies Assignment代写 LMFF

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这个营销计划的目的是识别LMFF的许多优势,弱点,机会和威胁,而这些必须使用与几个营销策略联盟,行动和47 200美元的预算,最终实现总体目标。虽然该公司的优势和机遇大于组织的劣势和威胁,在时尚行业日益激烈的竞争和营销环境的变化需要的关注。活动的成功,组织必须修改或维护策略和行动直接反映这些变化。

Case Studies Assignment代写 LMFF

On March 14, 2011, the LMFF launched 'Fashion Full Stop: Decades of Australian Fashion', an event that celebrated designers, along with many labels and styles that have shaped Australia's history in fashion. With tickets ranging from $79 to $39, 4000 fans filled the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre's plenary auditorium. Due to this, the event has been deemed a large priority in future shows and an extremely important opportunity to raise the profile of the organisation (L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Pty Ltd, 2011) Therefore the main objective of this event is to be recognised both nationally and internationally as the leading event of its kind and stimulate activity across the retail, clothing, footwear, and creative sectors.

The purpose of this marketing plan is to identify LMFF's many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats ; and these must be used in union with several marketing strategies, actions and a budget of $47 200 to eventually achieve the overall objective. Although the company's strengths and opportunities outweigh the organisation's weaknesses and threats, the growing competition within the fashion industry and changes in the marketing environment need to be of focus. For the event to be a success, the organisation must modify or maintain the strategies and actions to directly reflect these changes.