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d) If you were the Contract Administrator prepare a report outlining your assessment of the Contractor’s claim including the process you have followed, the pertinent issues of the dispute and the contractual provisions relevant.

The report shall consist of two parts:

The verification of the existence and extent of the relevant matter

The impact and effect of the relevant matters on the progress of work

The cost effect of such impact on progress


Examination of costs and expenses claimed

Evaluate and recommend sums payable

Validation of the points of claim

Validation extend of relevant matters

Impact and effect of relevant matters on work progress

Cost effect of Impact on work progress

 Direct cost of materials, labour and equipment and things of whatsoever nature required for the execution and work completion.

The contractor has incurred direct expense, which is not otherwise reimbursed under the contract.

Labour and equipment are indirect and may not be claim.

Due to increase of pile cap size, the work could not be accomplished as planned by the contractor in the original programme.

Increased cost for the employer, failure to spend the additional cost will stop work plan further progress. If proceed further as per BOQ, require could not be met.

 Replace of damage floor area, repair works of walls including additional work for the structural work stability.

 Direct work scope change in the contract, issued order claim acceptable. However the new rate for the variation is not acceptable.

Additional work may not be completed according to the construction plan. Failure to provide structural stability may result in further damage, which can badly badly affect the progress.

This claims result increase construction cost also lengthen the completion period of the project.

Claim for the loss and expense for work suspension by the contractor, due to failure of pay by the employer.

Claim in accordance with class 4.14 the claim is acceptable.

Suspension of work result in lengthened the project period.

Additional cost and project progress delay.

建筑学论文代写  采购系统


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