Coursework 代写 是否应该以他人生命为代价来拯救另一生命 should life be saved at the cost of others

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In recent years, the news about saving others' lives at the cost of one's own are frequently reported. Some people praise the people who save others, becuase it's traditional virtue in China to help those who are in need. However, some other people argue that it's not worth to save others lives at the cost of one's own and it should not be encouraged. As far as I am concerned, the spirit of self-sacrifice is worthy for us to learn, but we should find amore appropriate way to avoid accident as well.


First, every life is precious and respected. Whenever somebody is in danger, we will certainly give them a hand to rescue the lifeif we could. It's our nature. However, it's unwise to take action without any considerations. For instance,somebody is drowning, if you are good at swimming, you could jump into the water to save the life; but if you can't swim, the best way for you is not jump into the water but shout loudly and ask others for help. Secondly, some extra accidents can be avoided if we think carefully. There are too many stories about young and promising people sacrifice their own lives to save other but lost their own lives. It's quite debated about these cases. They all have their persuasive reasons and it's difficult for us to tell right or wrong between them.


In conclusion, we should study the noble spirit and action of those who sacrifice themselves to save lives. However, we should also try our best to find the best way to rescue others at the lowest cost. Anyway, all lives are precious, unique and respected and we don't want to see anybody lose their lives.



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