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代写paper 流产的弊端the disadvantages of induced abortion

Nowadays, more and more unwed couples livetogether and that leads to an increasing growth of premarital pregnancy.Accordingly, induced abortion has become a popular way to terminate accidentalpregnancy. However, induced abortion has many disadvantages of women.   


On the one hand, abortion is detrimental towomen’s physical health. Induced Abortion is a way of termination of pregnancy,which is prone to trigger inflammation and even sterility. Besides, inducedabortion might also lower women’s immunity and influence women’s concentration.Therefore, female, especially the girls must learn to protect ourselves toavoid experiencing these sufferings.


On the other hand, induced abortion isharmful to women’s psychological health. Women will feel anxious and worriedbefore and after the abortion, and that will definitely influence our lives. Inaddition, induced abortion may make women feel guilty and upset and even leadto depression.


To sum up, induced abortion is harmful towomen’s physical and psychological health. Therefore, to keep healthy, femalemust learn to protect ourselves every moment. And if it is absolutely necessaryto have an abortion, women had better take a rest and enhance nutrition afterabortion so that she would suffer less in the future.


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