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代写paper 骑自行车的好处what can we benefit from riding bicycles

Speaking of bicycle, some people think it has outdated in many big cities. However, some people think that it is still popular for them because people can exercise themselves by riding bicycle. For me, I think people can get lots of benefits from riding bicycles.


First, we can become healthier by riding bicycles. Since people are busy with works, they have almost no time to do exercise. But if they ride bike to work, then they can practice themselves quite often. Consequently, they will be healthier.


Secondly, bicycle is good for our environment. In almost all big cities, the average temperature is a bit higher than countryside for there are too many car emissions there. We all know that people in big cities like to drive cars to go to work rather than taking public transportations. Therefore, our environment is polluted by lots of emissions. If more people join in the trend to ride bicycles to work, then our air quality will be improved obviously.


In conclusion, riding bicycle not only can make us healthier but also it is good for protecting our environment. So, we should encourage more people to ride bicycles quite often than driving cars.