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代写 写作的重要性 the importance of writing

As is known to all, writing is an important andnecessary skill for all students. However, many students don’t reallyunderstand the true importance of writing, as they just consider writing as atask of exam. As far as I am concerned, writing has deeper importance in manyways.


Firstly, improving our ability of using words is abasic function of writing. For example, in order to write a good Englishcomposition, we must use every word carefully as much as possible to ensure itscorrectness. In the process, we have improved our ability of using words andwriting skills imperceptibly. In this aspect, writing is a good way tostrengthen our ability.


Moreover, writing is an effective way to enlarge ourvocabulary. Different compositions we write need different vocabularies.Therefore, the more compositions we write, the more vocabularies we get. At thesame time, it is helpful to enlarge our reading.


And last but not the least, writing makes greatcontribution to our logical thinking and analysis ability. For one thing, towrite a good composition, we must collect and arrange writing materialssystematically so that we can show off what is essential and what is not soimportant. In the process of dealing with materials, we are also learning toanalyze and deal with the different problems. For another, it is also a processto practice our own thinking ability and form different thoughts. By dealing withall kinds of compositions, we can get in touch with more thoughts and becomewiser.


In a word, writing is an important skill, especiallyfor language learners. Thus, we should improve our writing ability as much aspossible to improve our overall levels.


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