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代写作业价格 虎妈式教育还是羊妈式教育?tiger mother or sheep mother

Inrecent years, “Tiger mother” has been a hot topic in our life. “Tiger mother”is a very strict mother who makes her children work particularly hard andrestricts their free time so that they continually achieve the highest grades.After that, the word “tiger mother” has been regarded as a synonym for a stricteducation mode.


However,the opposite method from Finland’s education system is also brought into publicfocus nowadays, which is called as “sheep mother”. People who advocate thiskind of education mode believe that education is a “service” and children are“customs”. Therefore, there are only general objectives but no concretesyllabus and teachers can use any methods as long as most children can reachthe goals. It got this name because people thought that children who are underthis mode felt like herding sheep.

然而,与它相对的芬兰教育系统的方法也引起当今公众的关注,被称为“羊妈”。同意这一教育模式的人认为教育是“服务”孩子是“顾客”。 因此,只有总体的目标,而没有具体的教学大纲,教师可以使用任何可以让大多数孩子达到目标的方法。它得到这个名字是因为人们认为在那样的模式下的儿童就像是在放羊。

Facingwith two kinds of different education modes, people meet with the problem whenteaching their children. As far as I am concerned, both of them have someadvantages and disadvantages. Thus, parents have to combine their advantageswith their children’s special conditions so that they can adjust their concretestrategies to teach their children. As the saying goes, “all things in theirbeing are good for something”, parents should be confident of their ownchildren no matter which education mode they adopt.


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