Dissertation 代写 像傻瓜一样地活着 live like a fool

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The reason why people always feelingannoyed is that they have a very good memory. We always keep the things weshould forget in mind, and forget the things we should remember. Why somebodysaid that fools are adorable and ridiculous, just because they live in theirown world and laugh happily. If we could remember the things we shouldremember, and forget the things we should forget, if we take every day as a newbeginning, then our life would be much nicer.


Living like a fool is not a shame thing,because we both know that we are not really a fool literally. Since the reallyworld is so cruel to you, which you have to keep on living in it, why could notwe live in the world we build in our mind for a while . Some one might say thatit is a psychopath issues, human beings are social creatures, we have stick toeach other, and living apart from social world is not good for the developmentof communication, and sooner or later, you will become unsocial, and beeliminated by society.


In my point of view, I cannot agree withthe opinion above. If people living in the world they image sometimes meansthey are a psychopath, then there are lots of people are psychopath. It is wiseto forget the things that make ourselves sad or upset, and try to remember thebest things in our life. Only in this way, could we stay in the best state toface the cruel world, and become a positive person. Even though it might like afool, but as long as we could have a happy life, who cares that.


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