dissertation introduction怎么写 社会道德不应 过时 social morality should not be out of date

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Chinahas long been known as “the land ofceremony and propriety.” Today, however, people often complain that publicmorals are no longer what they used to be. A family, for example, likes a cellof society, which also mirrors the general mood of a country. As we know, theChinese have very strong family ties. But with the emergence of a “modern”concept to families, people find that problems like high divorce rate andextramarital affairs become more serious than ever before.


Another example: the name of Lei Feng who was alwaysready to lend a helping hand to others, used to be known by almost all Chineseas a model to learn from. But today, some people claim that “the spirit of LeiFeng” is outdated. Fashionable ideas say money talks. In the early stage of themarket economic development, the appearance of some evil phenomena is notsurprising. But we should not sit passively by and let it run rampant. Instead,active measures should be taken to improve morals and ethics of the public.


Personally, the media should play a leading role inthis regard. They should spare no effort to praise the good and criticize theevil. They should guide people how to tell the truth, goodness and beauty fromthe fault, ugliness and evil.


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