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多伦多大学代写 受益的知识


多伦多大学代写 受益的知识

They benefit from the knowledge of their customers’ technological requirements and demands. For example, they develop special additives for the semiconductor industry which allow copper to be integrated into even the smallest structures of a chip, thus increasing its electrical conductivity and therefore its computational speed. They are the market leader in electronic chemicals in Asia and Europe

The Petrochemicals division, with its broad range of basic chemicals, is the foundation of BASF’s value-adding chains. Products such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene and benzene are produced in steam crackers from naphtha or natural gas. Using these, they produce alcohols, solvents and plasticizers for the chemical and plastics industries. Alkylene oxides and glycols are starting materials for the detergents, automotive, packaging and textile industries.The main themes of these goals are customer service, efficient operations, fair treatment of staff, fair treatment of shareholders, and commitment to the industry. These seem laudable aims, but the question is whether they fit in with the first part of the mission, which is ‘As the world’s leading chemical company, we want to create assets that benefit all.’ We can argue that there seems little connection between the two parts of the mission. The first part says that the company is an industry leader – but the second part does not mention this. The company presumably says that the goals inevitably will lead to their overall aim, but this is not necessarily true.



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