Education Essay 代写: 广告体育的成功

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Education Essay 代写: 广告体育的成功






Education Essay 代写: 广告体育的成功

A success of advertising a piece of product, a kind of service, even a message, to a great extend, it consist a successful advertisement. All the while, advertisers are using different techniques to draw the attention from the consumers. One of these techniques are classical and operant conditioning, which advertisers are trying use different aspect to affect the interpretation from the consumers towards the products

Advertising means a kind of methods to gain publicity for goods and merchandise since very early times. Previously, adverting always did by the sellers of the product and verbally introducing the benefits of the product. However with the advance of the technology, it seems becomes a main forms to advertise the product. As the growth of mass media and technology, many other forms of advertising method started which including radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and internet. People become to look attentively at the techniques that we needed in all the advertisements. At the same time, advertiser always applies psychological approaches in their advertisement. As the above, most advertisers have knowledge on psychology and carry out their strategies that aim to affect the minds of consumers.

In many of the situations, classical conditioning is used as a marketing strategy. Classical conditioning is generally used with low-involvement products (Hawkins 1998). The reason is classical conditioning is most effective when consumers' emotion is involved. Advertising for low-involvement products usually attacks the consumer through affective means as they do not want to think too much in purchasing low-involvement products. Advertising and sales promotion such as event sponsorship are the most common forms of classical conditioning in marketing. Producing an advertisement (unconditioned stimulus) that elicits a positive response (unconditioned response) in the person, the products will then becomes the conditioned stimulus.

Operant conditioning can assist the consumers to want to engage in a desirable behavior. The marketing manager can successfully promote their product or services to the consumer with the use of positive and negative reinforcement, punishment. It can be done by subtracting or adding consumers desired or undesired behavior to attract the consumer to purchase the particular product. The consumers finally consumed the product, at the same time, they are holding the impression that they received a reward or benefit along with the purchase.

It is hard to say which one is better and have more significant effect when using in the advertisement. These two approaches should be used in different situations in order to obtain the best effect.