English Assignment 代写 发展绿色城市 to develop green cities

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With the development of economy, more and more tall buildings are being built in large and medium-sized cities across the country. In urbanization, however, one thing should not be neglected---environmental protection. It is unscientific to judge a city’s modernization level by the number of high buildings. Recently, a new concept “environmental image” has come into being and become an important criterion with which to evaluate a city.


The concept stresses that a modern city must have efficient environmental promotion. It must have a proper proportion of green land, clean water and fresh air. To add more greenery to a city, I would like to make the following proposals:


1. We should popularize “vertical greenery” technique, that is, to plant more green-leaved plants like Boston ivy in densely-located buildings. The roof space of buildings should be used fully to plant flowers, fruits and grasses.

1. 我们应该推广“垂直绿化”技术,也就是说,在建筑密集的地方种植更多的绿色阔叶植物,如波士顿常春藤。我们应该充分利用建筑物的屋顶空间,种一些花草和水果。

2. Certain room should be reserved for green belts, green patches in the building of new residential districts and the reconstruction of urban areas.


3. Measures should be taken to strengthen people’s awareness of greenery. People should, for example, be encouraged to plant “wedding trees” and “birthday trees”.