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个人简历怎么写 单一性别教育还是男女同校教育?a single-sex or a co-educational class

Nowadays, there exist two kinds of classes in our society, which are single-sex class and co-educational class. Faced with the question that which kind of class they should choose to learn, different students have different opinions.

Frankly speaking, many people object strongly that students choose a single-sex class to study. They hold that attending a single-sex class makes a distinction between boys and girls. Moreover, a single-sex class hinders youth from developing into full personality. However, on the contrary, other some people think that it is a good choice for students to choose a single-sex class to learn. They say that, for the most part, boys and girls learn and acquire knowledge in different ways. What’s more, there are so many differences between girls’ and boys’ interests. 

To be honest, weighing these two arguments, I prefer the former one. For one thing, a single-sex class always follows the simple uniform structure and simple curriculum so that students are only accessible to a segment of knowledge. What’s worse, attending a single-sex school may kill the possibility for a vigorous youth to grow and develop into full personality. For another, students can be providing with a rich expansion of experience by attending a co-educational class. 

In a word, I hold the belief that attending a co-educational class has far more advantages than disadvantages. Single-sex education stands in the lower position to co-education, which is the best way to educate students. If I have to choose between these two kinds classes, I will choose the co-educational class without any hesitation.

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