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华盛顿essay代写 Life span Development

华盛顿essay代写 Life span Development



华盛顿essay代写 Life span Development

Once Bert reached adulthood physically he would have grown a lot in numerous area’s such as his height his appearance would have made a change as well such as his skin looses layers as people get older and as men start to get older they tend to lose more hair then women. An intellectual development he would have had was going to university and gaining a degree by working hard to the best of his ability, also it would include making commitments in his marriage and having a responsibility in providing for himself and his family. However an emotional development by the age of 40 would be he could have gone through a mid life crisis and been stressed and worried with the everyday tensions he must have had such as mortgage bills etc. Socially he could have travelled around the world for a little while before he had got married and discovered different cultures to himself and explored the world around him but as time would go by he must have come to that stage where he wanted to retire and watch his other young siblings grow up and see them build their future.

At this current stage Bert must have experienced a lot and physically become weak and frail an emotional effect he must have gone through was being upset and isolated, his self esteem must have gone down this could have been due to him loosing someone where he could be still bereaving. Socially he would’ve have gone out and visited places such as museums going to the library and visiting the change by doing this it would make a difference to Bert to overcome the trauma he must have been going through. Intellectually he must have known a lot about what he’s learned in the past but forgotten it slowly due to memory loss or changes in time.


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