java assignment代写 父母和孩子的教育parents and their children s education

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           Parents, especially those of teenagers, care about their children's education more than anything else. They could do everything for their children.Many of them spend most of their spare time coaching their children in studies; those who have no time or cannot do it have hired tutors. Some also send their children to after-class schools. Some even have tried to improve their home environment. It seems as if a better education is all that parents expect for children.

       The present situation can be explained by the following reasons. First of all, as our country's economy has been moving ahead healthily, many parents have become aware that future success depends more and more on skills and education. Lack Of training or education will no longer ensure that young people have a promising future. Secondly, it is evident that in a competitive society there are both losers and winners. The children who have grasped better skills and more knowledge will enjoy more opportunities. What is more,' with school tuition increasing it is also reasonable for parents to expect their children to be somebody or do something great as a result of education they have received.

        Certainly, it is good to see much of parents' attention is paid to children's education. However, in my opinion, emphasis should also be laid on fostering their other abilities and personal qualities. True, it is important to learn to succeed,but the first thing to learn is how to survive and how to be a qualified citizen. If this is included in good education that parents are seeking now, their children will be definitely ensured not only a bright future but also a sound intellectual and mental foundation, hence a healthy life.

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