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I study in a college now, before I went to college, I spent a lot of time to figure out which major should I choose. After considering many factors, I choose English as my major. Now I have studied English for two years, I enjoy learning it a lot, I feel so lucky that I make the right choice.


I like to watch movie, learning English can make me enjoy the movie much better. When I was in middle school, I like to watch the foreign movie on the TV, at that time, the movie I watched was in Chinese voice. Now I have learned that the original voice is more expressive, such as when I read the English novel. I would read in Chinese edition before, like Harry Potter, I would feel easy to understand. Now I started to read in English, I find the original words are more profound, while when they are translated in Chinese, words become not that expressive. Due to my major, I can better understand the English novel and movie, I also learn a speak skill.


I never regret I choose English as my major, I feel lucky that I make the right choice. I love English, at the same time, learning English helps me enjoy my hobby better.