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加拿大代写 夏日 summer


Nowadays,when it comes tosummer, we can’t ignore the fact that the temperature grows higher and higher.Frankly speaking, air-condition has become a must in our daily life owing tothe hot summer.


From my point of view, summer time hasbecome a period which let people feel uncomfortable. The circumstance of summeris not as comfortable as it used to be. Furthermore, many lovely small animalshave slowly disappeared. Take the firefly as an example, the firefly hasattractive light at night, and it can bring much jocundity to kids. In recentyears, we almost cannot see it. Summer’s topic has changed from enjoyment intosuffering. At the same time, we have lost too much joyfulness and quietude.


Why does the summer get so terrible? Withthe development of society, we should have a higher life standard, but actuallythere are environment problems which influence people’s life. The hightemperature is the best instance to explain the existed environment issues. Onthe one hand, many factories have produced much pollution which can maketemperature become higher. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t reallyrealize the importance of protecting the environment. They have not enoughawareness to understand that protecting environment is to save themselves.


We need such a summer: happy insectlanguage, clear river, comfortable temperature, fresh air.



Anyone is supposed to take actions to saveour life environment. Let our summer become more dynamic!