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Du拥有先进的创新技术,如启动光纤到户(FTTH)和Fiber-to-the-premises打造)允许更好的质量和服务给他们的客户,为他们提供更好的宽带服务和高速数据/电话服务。这提高了连接和清晰度来帮助他们的客户。Du目前的融资选择为他们的投资和发展计划。甚至害怕酒后驾车½年代互联网服务包括互联网协议电视(IPTV)技术是下一代互联网技术通信将为家庭提供设施就像电视是如何连接的。这种基础设施的进步让他们先进和超前的阿联酋电信方面的创新,质量和服务。杜有针对性的具体消费部分提供的需要和要求。他们计划将在IPTV服务酒店和企业提供视频点播或付费服务客户。市场渗透和竞争迫使Du经过业务变化超过一个网络转换为进一步在已经饱和的市场。杜有一个策略来建立一个高质量的资产库有针对性的满足大众的需求。这个希望是旨在解决所有家庭视频娱乐的需求。杜也与苹果和黑莓,还关注销售各自的手机。害怕IPhonei½年代新推出他们的模型中,iPhone 3 gs,这使得使用害怕酒后驾车½年代3 g网络的移动互联网设备。月费,Du指控是负担得起的基础上的数据交换和互联网使用;他们为消费者开发了不同的关税税率。杜将于15000年设立IPTV网络新客户在未来6个月的地方。迪拜正在迅速扩大和发展成一个贸易核心和一个货币强国,而且增加了创新的机会和令人印象深刻的公司像杜。杜与阿尔卡特-朗讯进一步寻找合作伙伴的IPTV业务的年无价的经验和一系列技术打破从悠久的商业模式和定制的和创新的通信解决方案


Du has advanced in innovative techniques such as the launch of Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) has permitted to give better quality and service to their customers by providing them with better broadband service and a high-speed data/phone service. This boosts the connectivity and clarity to help their customers. Du is presently in search of financing options for their investments and development plans. Du�s internet service even consists of the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology which is the next generation technology communications which will provide households with internet facility just like how televisions are connected. This infrastructure progress keeps them advanced and far ahead of Etisalat in terms of innovation, quality and service. Du has targeted specific consumer sections to provide to the needs and demands. They have planed to bring in the IPTV service to hotels and businesses to provide a video on demand or pay per view service to the customers. Market infiltration and competition forced Du to go through a business change more than a network transformation in order to further break in into the already saturated market. Du has a strategy to build up a quality asset library targeted to fulfill the needs of the masses. This hopefully is aimed to solve all the needs of home video entertainment. Du has also joined with Apple and Blackberry and is also concerned in the sales of their respective handsets. IPhone�s new launch of their model, iPhone 3GS, this makes use of Du�s 3G networks for mobile Internet facilities. The monthly fee, which Du charges is affordable on the basis on the exchange of data and Internet usage; they have developed dissimilar tariff rates for the consumers. Du will set up the IPTV network in 15,000 new customer places in the next 6 months. As Dubai is quickly expanding and developing into a trade core and a monetary powerhouse, this moreover increases the opportunities for innovative and impressive companies like Du. Du further looks for partner with Alcatel-Lucent for the IPTV services for its years of priceless experience and a range of technologies to break from time-honored business models and to customized and innovative communication solutions



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