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所定义的Chemers,领导是“社会影响的过程中,其中一人能够争取他人的援助和支持成就的一个共同的任务”。(pg Chemers,1997:1)。一百一十一成功的领导人将操作追随者为了实现目的是什么。在竞争激烈的世界这样一个领导人会看到成功。

几十年来,各国领导人只是以有效的领导组织。是由领导人很少的努力,加强营销策略。领导人时启动营销有效地交付他们的愿景和使命。客户购买产品的时候,知道这是谁的发明,谁是领导公司,推销的产品可以由一个领导者。可能有一些人知道微软是比尔盖茨发明的。然而,大多数人知道苹果公司(Apple inc .)发明并由史蒂夫·乔布斯。这主要是因为乔布斯的积极参与推广产品。


There are uncertainties in the modern world.  Things change rapidly and differently according to the tastes and preferences of the general public and communities. These changes may be political, social, technological, ecological or even economical. The entities dealing with these communities have to communicate and deal differently and effectively according to the tastes and preferences of the society.  This can only be possible by the application of effective leadership within organizations by a Leader.  The concept of leadership has become so important in the modern world that every leader will be identified by their unique features and their work.  There are leaders like Larry Page and Sergey Brin who was co-founder of Google and change the way internet is used, M.K.Gandhi who changed the way of living of society (World’s Greatest Leaders, 2012). There are leaders like J.F.Kennedy who changed the political situation of country (Pettinger, 2009).  All these leaders had their own particular style of leadership. They are famous through their own findings and work.

As defined by Chemers, leadership is “a process of social influence in which one person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”.(Chemers, 1997, pg:1).   A successful leader will manipulate followers in order to accomplish what is intended.  Such leaders will see success in competitive world.

Over decades, leaders are just known for leading the organizations effectively. Very little efforts are made by leaders to enhance marketing strategies. Leaders are to kick off marketing when they effectively deliver their vision and mission. While a customer buying the product, knows that whose invention it is and who is leading the company, the promoting of such product can be said to have made by a leader. There might be some people who know that Microsoft is invented by Bill Gates. Whereas, majority of people know that Apple Inc. is invented and run by Steve Jobs. That is mainly because of active involvement of Steve Jobs in promoting the product.

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