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最受欢迎和成功的萨特的戏剧之一是“此路不通”。原法国标题是“惠斯秘密地”,但英文翻译也被执行在标题“相机”,“没有办法”和“死胡同”。这出戏讲的是三个人在地狱后可怕的行为在生活中。Garcin,废弃的军队在第二次世界大战期间,他欺骗了他的妻子,他甚至把他的爱人回家,让她为他们准备食物。伊内斯塞拉诺是第二个字符。她是一个女同性恋邮局职员,她把一个妻子对她的丈夫。埃斯特尔是一位上流社会的女人,嫁给了她的丈夫只是为了钱,与一个年轻的人。对她来说,这一事件是什么,但是她的情人爱上了她,她生了一个孩子。她淹死的私生子,这使她的爱人自杀。如果您在伦敦读书,需要学术帮助,可以与我们的ENLUNWEN 伦敦论文代写 服务联系


Here comes that people are all abandoned. They have no basis to make their choices and to rely on something. The important is the question of responsibility for one’s choices. If a person tries to connect the present-day situation with the past, or with the surrounding circumstances, it is an evident escape from responsibility. No one and nothing but a human itself is responsible for himself and the consequences of his actions. Here comes another thing – the feeling of adventure and not knowing what will happen next. When one makes a certain decision, he cannot be sure what consequences it will have, and this “not-knowing” gives him a feeling of adventure, risk. Maybe this is one of the few pleasant things, concerning the state of existential crisis and realizing the helplessness of oneself.

One of the most popular and successful Sartre’s plays is “No Exit”. The original French title is “Huis Clos”, but English translations have also been performed under the titles “In Camera”, “No Way Out” and “Dead End”. The play is about three people, who met in hell after their terrible actions in life. These are Garcin, who deserted the army during World War II, and he cheated on his wife – he even brought his lovers home and made her to prepare food for them. Inès Serrano is the second character. She was a lesbian postal clerk, she was turning a wife against her husband. Estelle was a high-society woman, who had married her husband only for money and had an affair with a younger man. To her, the affair was nothing, but her lover fell in love with her and she gave birth to a child. She drowned the illegitimate child, which made her lover to kill himself.