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伦敦论文代写 团队合作的重要性 the importance of teamwork

It is widely accepted that to workindependently has the obvious advantage that it can prove one’s ability. However,I believe that teamwork is more important in the modern society and teamworksprit has become a required quality by more and more companies.


In thefirst place, we are situated in a complicated society and we often encountertough problems that are beyond our ability. It is especially at this momentthat teamwork proves to be exceedingly important. With the help of the team,these problems can be solved easily and quickly, which could improve workefficiency.


In the second place, teamwork provides a chanceto cooperate with workmate, it will make a friendly and enjoyable workenvironment, which is an important factor influencing employees’ belief in thecompany as a good workplace.


Finally,teamwork contributes to the prosperity of the companies. With all workmates’knowledge combined, the companies possess high work efficiency and an abilityto deal with whatever problems. As a result, the companies can make moreprofits and develop more quickly.


Insum, teamwork is very important, no one could live individually, they must relyon others in some way. Hence, work together could make life easier.


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