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论文代写英国 关于双休日two-day weekend

    It is always a pleasure to make plans for the coming weekend with your family and friends. Just imagine you have two whole days ahead to be relaxed,you cannot help feeling excited.


    There are many interesting activities on weekends. You can go to the beach, swimming freely like a fish and bathing in bright sunshine: or you can go to the country, walking in the pasture dotted with wild flowers, listening to bird singing. How romantic that can be! As an alternative, you can visit famous mountains, parks and historical sites; you can also enjoy sports and games; or you can stay at home and focus your attention on reading or listening to soft music for several hours at a stretch. After two days’active rest, you feel energetic and ready for hard work ahead.


    However, some people still waste their weekends. For example, they indulge themselves in vulgar activities such as gambling, playing cards or watching silly TV programs day and night, drinking heavily and sleeping for a whole day or fooling around in lousy places. Instead of having a nice weekend and being relaxed, they usually end up exhausted on Monday morning.


    I am wondering, after the two-day weekend becomes a routine in our life and loses its freshness, how many people can really enjoy the weekend and have a good time.