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论文代写英国 如何减肥how to fight against obesity

There is no doubt that obesity has become adisturbing problem which is considered as harmful to our health. However, whenit comes to the ways to fight against obesity, different people have differentviews. Some people think we could eat less so that we will absorb less, whilethe rest of them argue that we could do more exercise as well as eatinghealthily. Personally, I agree with the later one.


The reasons can be listed as follows. Firstly,obesity comes form our unhealthy eating habit like eat too much high-energyfood, which leads to the accumulation of fat in our body. So, the first step tolose weight is to keep a good habit of eating healthily, and learn to controlyour mouth, keep yourself away from the high-energy food. Secondly, with mostof us engaging in stationary work, we are deprived of the chances to exercise,which also contributes a lot of overweight. We could get up half an hour earlyin the morning, and do some exercise, and also do some simple sport during thebreak time in the workplace.


In a word, a good habit is necessary if wewant to have a good figure. I believe that after forming a good eating habitand exercising regularly, we can reach our goal of losing weight with ourperseverance. Only when we keep on doing healthy diet and exercising, can wekeep a good figure and keep fit.