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论文写作方法 在学习英语中泛读的重要性the importance of extensive reading in learning english

English language has become an international language, because it isused by people in the most countries in the world now.For English learners, English learning is a fine combination oflistening, speaking, reading and writing. Nodoubt, reading skill is of the utmost importance of these skills. Extensivereading is an effective approach to enlarge vocabularies, strengthen languageknowledge, enrich presentation skills and elevate the level of expression.


Extensive reading plays a crucial role inimproving the comprehensive skills in English learning. It is mainly reflectedin the following aspects:


The first, reading extensively is one ofthe most effective ways to enlarge our vocabulary; the second, extensivereading is an important way to develop the students’ language and thought; thethird, extensive reading is helpful to improve the use of grammar; the forth,extensive reading stimulates students’ reading interest, promotes their readingability and helps them inspire the passion of reading.


All in all, extensive reading takesextremely significant effect in language learning. It can not only give thestudents a great deal of help in deeper level of comprehension about readingmaterials, but also offer the students some skills and methods in writing, asthe old Chinese saying goes, "only through reading thousands of books canone write fluently"; besides, it is another gold key to open the knowledgetreasure-house.