Marketing Essay 代写:关键知情人访谈

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Marketing Essay 代写:关键知情人访谈

定性研究协助调查的发展过程(市场研究世界,没有日期),因为可以提取深入的调查结果。质的研究是以实现pev0的目的和收集的数据,决定了电动汽车的市场pev0低适应问题。数据的收集,从潜在的消费者,根据Mintel(2011)22% 16岁及以上的互联网用户中,(见附件1)将支持新产品,pev0,关注的细分消费者目标群体。
一个定性的研究方法是用来探索和了解人们的行为和看法,通过构建和分析数据(肯特,2007)。在pev0营销问题的案例是,电动汽车,尽管一百年的存在,公众适应仍然较低。因此,正当的态度pev0将由定性研究。正如所报道的定性研究涉及到人们的想法或他们的感觉,他们的目标是找到答案的问题,为什么类型的问题。也有人提到,定性研究主要应用于定义和调查方面的行为态度,有助于理解人作为个人和社会关系。(Bellenger,Bernhardt,goldstucker 2011)。此外,艾伦(2005)指出,定性方法可以适用于市场营销的研究,它的结果是有效的和可靠的。

Marketing Essay 代写:关键知情人访谈

Qualitative research assists in the survey development process (Market Research World, no date) because of in-depth findings that can be extracted. Qualitative research will be undertaken In order to achieve the objective of PEV0 and collect the data that determines the problem of the low adaptation of PEV0 in the market of Electric Vehicles. The data collection, from potential consumers which according to Mintel (2011) are 22% among 16 years old and above, Internet users (see appendix 1) are going to support the new product, PEV0, and focus on the target group of the segmented consumers.

A qualitative research method is used for exploring and understanding people's behaviours and perceptions by constructing and analyzing data (Kent, 2007). In the case of PEV0 the marketing problem is that electric vehicles, which despite one hundred years of existence, the public adaptation remains low. Accordingly to that a justification about the attitude towards PEV0 is going to be examined by qualitative research. As reported qualitative research involves findings about what people think or how they feel and their aim is to find answers to why-type questions. It is also mentioned that qualitative research is mostly applied to define and investigate aspects of behavioural attitudes that contribute to the understanding people as individuals and in the society relations. (Bellenger, Bernhardt, Goldstucker 2011). Furthermore Alan (2005) states that qualitative method can be applicable for marketing research and the results of it can be valid and reliable.

Due to the population that PEV0 is targeting, who are city commuters aged 18-35 travelling 10 miles or less (per journey) qualitative methodology is needed to measure the response towards the product and understand in-depth the ideas and perception for new products in the market. The elements of the design are stated which coincide the researcher's personal observation and participation into the qualitative methodology as well as the usage of interviews and gathering documents and cultural artifacts. Therefore qualitative methodology uses research methods in the form of discussions aiming to understand the causes of a problem, the elicitation of thinking and the underlying motivation of consumers (Kent 2007).


This method is gained by interviewing selected individuals who have knowledge and understanding of the subject or the field that is investigated. The key informant can be used to provide information about the researched topic. Another method that can be used in qualitative methodology is In-depth interviews where individuals or group of individuals respondents are interviewing accordingly to the research questions. As well as to the in-depth interviews, semi-structure interviews can be used in order to understand the phenomena under investigation because of developed set of the questions asked to the respondents (Pequegnat,Stover,Boyce,no date). Face to face and telephone interviews are also used. In depth interviews can very represented of the consumers' understanding or perception of a product. However they are expensive and have limited sample sizes(Mtchell, M.L, 1998)