Marketing Essay 代写: 酒店管理者的内部支持

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Marketing Essay 代写: 酒店管理者的内部支持

支持服务质量的有效性的一个关键前提是,mrkis特别的作用,已经被许多实证研究的主体(Pitt et al. 1995;戴明,1981,1982;康拉特和mignen;1990、Kettinger和李,1995;Li,1997;Wilkin and Hewitt,DeLone和McLean 1999;,2003;2004,panigyrakis等人。2007)。支持服务是公司为了找出mrkis利用效益最合适的替代方式至关重要。






Marketing Essay 代写: 酒店管理者的内部支持

The role of support service quality as a crucial antecedent of the effectiveness of IS and MrkIS in particular, has been the subject of many empirical studies (Pitt et al.1995; Deming, 1981, 1982; Conrath and Mignen; 1990, Kettinger and Lee, 1995; Li, 1997; Wilkin and Hewitt, 1999; DeLone and McLean, 2003; 2004, Panigyrakis et al. 2007). Support service is essential for the company in order to find out the most appropriate and alternative ways of MrkIS utilization and effectiveness.

The contemporary MrkISs are dynamic and advanced, thus the role of the support team is extended from this to Product-provider to Service provider (Pitt et al.1995). In other words, the role of the support team is to help users not only to understand the operational functions of the systems and their technical features but to support users to feel more comfortable with MrkIS in order to feel and perceive their usefulness (REF).

In this direction, hotel managers have two options: (a) to outsource this kind of support activities since the costs, the experience and the know-how included are very high (ref), (b) to receive these support services from their in-house IT department. Both the two decisions have advantages and disadvantages.

In essence, it is important to identify the relationship between support service quality and MrkIS effectiveness and find out if there are any similarities and differences in each of this company's decisions. As a result the relationship between support service quality and MrkIS effectiveness needs a more carefully examination in order to conceptualize the specific effects of the support service quality.

Thus, the main purpose of the study is to expand our general understanding of the true nature of the relationship between support service quality and company's MrkIS effectiveness in each of the two conditions in-house and outsourcing decisions.

The structure of the paper is organized as follows: first, we review the relevant literature to define MrkIS effectiveness and the notion of support service quality in order to develop our conceptual framework and research hypotheses. Next, we present the methodology and the findings of the empirical study. Finally, the major conclusions of this study are presented and discussed and suggestions for future research are highlighted.