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所以,一些理论家和专家来点,整体营销是市场营销的新范式在第三年。整体营销是基于整体论理论,说整个总是优先级,超过总个体之和,整体营销需要营销计划的制定和实施,过程和措施广泛和相互关联。强调整个很重要,需要一个整合营销的概念是在同一时间的关系,在组织和集成的、无所不在的社会责任。这种方式,放置在同一水平的重要性关系营销(发展战略和长期愿景的组织与所有的合作伙伴),市场营销在行动(整合营销组合的所有组件),实现营销的商业角度来看——在组织的所有部门和营销责任向周边环境,社区,企业运作符合商业道德要求和法律的力量。因此,整体营销可以被视为开发、设计、营销和实施程序,过程,和活动,识别所涉及的广度和相互依赖关系今天的营销环境。整体营销意识到“一切事务”营销广泛,综合视角往往是必要的(科特勒,耆那教,& Maesincee,2002)。营销也反映的这种普遍性的方法(2012),赢面希思和Chatzidakis(2012)和巴特和Annemiek(2011),他们利用这个概念作为他们的参数研究。另一个看整体营销是基于以客户为中心的理念(科特勒,耆那教,& Maesincee,2002),意味着关注提供产品和服务的感知,和意味着努力满足客户的需求。它定义了“感知和响应”模式,这是完全不同于经典“制造和销售”模式,即销售公司可以和暗示,在动态不再有用了,全球经济竞争的市场。

Marketing Essay 代写:理论家

So, several theorists and experts have come to the point that the holistic marketing is the new paradigm for marketing in the third millennium. Holistic marketing is based on holism theory, which says that the whole always has priority, more than the total sum of individual parts, holistic marketing requires development and implementation of marketing programs, processes and measures with a wide spectrum and correlated with each other. Stressing that the whole is important, an integrated marketing concept is required which is at the same time relational, integrated, omnipresent within the organization and socially responsible. This way, on the same level of importance are placed relationship marketing (which develops a strategic and long term vision for the organization with all its partners), marketing in action (integration of all components of marketing mix), implementation of marketing - as business perspective - in all departments of the organization and marketing responsibility towards the surrounding environment, the community where enterprises operate in accordance with business ethics requirements and of the law in force . So, holistic marketing can be seen as the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependencies involved today's marketing environment. Holistic marketing recognizes that "everything matters" with marketing and that a broad, integrated perspective is often necessary (Kotler, Jain, & Maesincee, 2002). This universalistic approach of marketing is also reflected by Sainz (2012), Heath and Chatzidakis (2012) and Bart and Annemiek (2011) where they have used this concept as their argument in their studies. Another look at the holistic marketing is based on the customer-centric idea (Kotler, Jain, & Maesincee, 2002), means paying attention to the perception of the offered products and services, and implies trying to satisfy clients' needs. It defines the "sense-and-respond" paradigm, which is quite different from the classic "make-and-sell" paradigm that implied selling what a company could make and that is not useful anymore in the dynamic, competitive markets of the global economy.