Marketing Essay 代写: 市场营销的概念

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Marketing Essay 代写: 市场营销的概念


勒斯克(2004)编译营销由AMA提出相关的不同概念。很简单的定义,当市场不被视为重要的业务定义为:“1935的运动产品,服务和商品的企业或厂家到消费者或最终用户”,然后通过这个定义成长了很多次。在1980年年中的另一个定义来通知由AMA的顶级学者,可以简述为策划和执行营销的过程以及促销组合,满足个人以及组织的需求。这两个定义并没有完全覆盖的概念,因为他们没有提供或覆盖的领域,是最重要的营销方面的营销。这些都是中介机构、渠道成员、利益相关者和股东。另一个定义,仍然是普遍的、总体的概念涵盖了“营销是一种组织功能和一套创造过程、沟通和传递客户价值和客户关系管理的方式,有利于组织和它的利益相关者”(Lusch 2004)。


Marketing Essay 代写: 市场营销的概念

In order to find out these outcomes one need to start from the beginning that is the marketing. The concept of Marketing has been defined differently from time to time, as with the changing time and the invention of new knowledge, every subject on the earth revives and there is changing and alteration brought into it in order to make it compatible with the time. Marketing has also gone through many steps in order to get the right definition. This is the concept that has been revitalized from time to time and it has a history for the definitions that are proposed by AMA (American Marketing Association).

Lusch (2004) compiled different concepts related to marketing proposed by the AMA. The very simple definition when marketing was not considered as important by the business was defined in 1935 as: "the movement of the products, services and the goods from business or the manufacturers to the consumers or the end users", but then with the passage of times this definition grown a lot. In mid 1980's another definition came into notice by the AMA top scholars that can be briefly stated as the process of planning and execution of marketing as well as promotion mix that satisfies both the individual as well as the organizational needs. Both of these definitions do not fully cover the concept of marketing as they did not provide or covered the areas that are the most important with respect to marketing. These are the intermediaries, channel members, stakeholders and the shareholders. Another definition that is still prevalent and covers the concept in totality is "Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders" (Lusch 2004).

Combining these concepts one can say that Marketing is the process of exchanging values of buyer and seller and making strong relationships, in a particular market and with an identified objective for both. This definition is supported by Kotler (1991), as it is a "social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others". Marketing has been subdivided into different types of subfields; these are the ground pillars which provide the foundation to the unanimous concept of marketing. Out of these the most important ones are advertising and consumer behavior (Kotler, 2008).