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美国代写assignment 用正确的方式关爱孩子care for children in a right way

Recently, Hunan TV station play varietiesshow “Dad where we go” and the show has caused great sensation from public.Many netizens think children’s education should starts in a guidance way, andmany parents also rethink their way of teaching. Using the right way to takecare of children should be an important course for parents.


First, communicate with children, andlisten to their thought. Many parents always think children are too little toknow nothing .They consider everything from an adult’s perspective which don’t from child’s ways, and this willcause children rebel psychology. Therefore, chatting with kids more, knowingtheir thought more, and change their bad thinking through the dialogue.


Second, do not compel children to study.There is an old saying: Interest is the best teacher. Hoping children has abright future is the wish of most Chinese parents, therefore, extra-curriculartutorial have become a matter of course to Chinese children. Intimidating childto learn will let them feel tired, even affect their interest in learning.


Finally, allow children to make mistakes.As we know, it’s usual for children to make mistakes. Children make mistakes isequivalent to learning, because they could avoid such errors happen again inthe future. And Parents should tolerant such wrong behaviors, but not indulgethem. When children make mistakes criticism should be instead by other ways.


To sum up, when children grow up, they willmeet all kinds of conditions, correct family education is very necessary. Parentneed to let children walk on their own, instead of holding their hands at everyturn


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