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美国代写paper 增长社会经验 good to enhance our social experience

Nowadays,social experience has increasingly been put into a significant position in jobhunting. As the result, some people advocate that college students shouldenhance their social experience instead of putting emphasis on academic studyonly. And I am in favor of the above view that it is good to enhance our socialexperience.


Thereare a few reasons accounting for my opinion. First of all, there is no denyingthat social experience makes a great contribution to our job hunting because weare usually asked to tell these experiences or information when seeking jobs.In addition, enhancing social experience is a good way to increase ourknowledge and broaden our horizon. The more social experience we collect, theeasier for us to understand various people and things. What is more, it is alsobeneficial for seeking our interest and choosing our occupation. Theseexperiences we have collected will offer information and direction for ourchoice in occupation and friendship establishment.


Therefore,it is good and wise to enhance our social experience. As college students, weshould grasp each chance to exercise ourselves and experience various things aswell as try some new things so that we can understand various people and thesociety better.