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大多数组织运营这样的客户忠诚度折扣计划声称,为了发展长期客户关系在不断变化的市场,他们需要获得客户的偏好信息,以及某些识别信息通常用于编译配置文件的个人客户。处理客户信息的组织研究项目的重要组成部分(萨米Finne和汉娜Sivonen,2009)。在这方面,忠诚计划也在位置确定最有价值的客户,了解他们的需求比竞争。忠诚度计划的目标是钩,快乐的顾客会购买一次又一次,还影响他人使用该公司的服务或产品。方法不同,规模较小的公司倾向于使用的卡片上每次购买后,没有个人信息寻求(Paul Szwar,2005)。大多数大公司往往以消费者为中心。他们收集客户信息,如客户、购物习惯,然后文档无论发生趋势。在这些趋势是用于驱动销售和利润,并反过来,提高对客户的储蓄可以通过提升忠诚度计划(Clarrie伯克,2011)



Most of organization which operates such of customer loyalty discount schemes claim that, in order to develop the long term customer relationship in the changing market, they need to gain information on customer preferences, as well as certain identifying information is often used to compile the profiles on the individual customers. Processing of this customer information is important part of the organization research programme (Sami Finne and Hanna Sivonen, 2009). In this ways the loyalty scheme are also in the position to identify the most valuable customers and understand their needs better than the competition. The loyalty schemes goal is to hook, happy customer who will purchase again and again, and also influence other people to use the services or products of that company. The approach varies; smaller companies tend to use the card which is stamped after each purchase, in no personal information sought (Paul Szwar, 2005). Most of major companies tend to be the consumer centric. They collect the customer details, such as the customer, shopping habits, and then the document whatever trend occur. In these trends are used to drive the sales and profits and in turn, raise the awareness about the savings available through the promotion of the customer loyalty schemes (Clarrie Burke, 2011)

CRM places the needs of the customers at the forefront of the business model. Information regarding the buying behaviour and shopping habits of the customers forms the basis for developing long lasting relationship between seller and customer. The bank of information gleaned from the direct contact, fax, online or any other medium all passes into the common repository for later use.( O.C. Ferrell and Michael Hartline , 2010). The analytics for these multiple channel informs the decision for the new marketing or existing services and products. Although the building knowledge of the customer behaviours has the long history in the marketing, few firms have the consolidated view of their customers. To compete a effectively, many of firms have invested in the central repository for the customer information storage (Anne P.Y .Tsui and K.T. Lai , 2009) .The electronic archive of this nature can help to the foster stronger and longer lasting relationship with the customers by providing added value in the service based on all of previous interaction between the seller and customer. In when customers enquire about the issue of the post sales delivery or support times, which interaction is stored and logged in the central repository. Future contact with that customer profit from the knowledge gained from the previous contact (Colin Combe, 2006)