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墨尔本代写assignment 国庆节该不该去旅游 should we go travel on national day

 Every October 1st is the birthday of our motherland. It belongs to all Chinese. In order to remember this special day, we will have seven days off according to the law. There are many people will choose to travel during this holiday. But, I won’t. The reasons are as following.

First of all, it is a festival to celebrate the birthday of our motherland. We should do something related to it. We will have military parade annual. I think it is good for me to stay at home with my parents to watch it. Watching the beautiful and magnificent scene, solemn military, advanced weapons, I feel proud of them and would like to express my great thanks to them for protecting us and earning such happy life for us. It is such a great program that I don’t think anyone should miss it.

Secondly, a seven days off is not often in people’s life, so there must be hundreds of people in the tourist attraction. I don’t think we can have a good trip in such crowd site. We have little chance to enjoy the beauty of the scenic spots. In addition, all the things on national day around the sight spot are very expensive. It may be three or four times expensive than usual.

Last but not least, the seven day off is very precious. We are so tired from the usual job. I believe it is a choice to take this chance to have a good rest.

To sum up, according to the reasons mentioned above, I don’t think travel on national day is a good choice. We can do something more useful on that holiday.