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墨尔本论文代写 论暴力电影 on violent movies

As more and more movies go into our life,people worry that movies especially the violent movies will have a bad impacton people. Some think that audience can learn some bad ways of beat or killothers. But others believe that we can have a good time enjoying the fun of theviolent movies. In my opinion, I don’t think that violent movies have positiveeffect on us. Reasons are as follows.


To begin with, violent movies have lots ofcruel scene which will leave people horrible impressions which will affecttheir mental health. It is known that horrible movies usually use verybloodcurdling ways to create frightening atmosphere to shock the audience. What’sworse, some people who watch the movie may have a problem in sleeping which isa bad thing for people’s health.


Second, some people even learn the way ofthe characters do in the movie to hurt others. Under the influence ofexcitement, some people would even like to imitate the dangerous actions in themovie and try to apply what they learned on other people. What’s more, weshould considering for the good of our children who have great abilities inimitating others and who may imitate some bad acts in the violent movies, weshould limit violent movies go into their life.


All in all, watch the violent movies notonly have bad effects on people’s mental health, but can also cause more hurtsin our life. So, violent movies should be limited to go into our life.


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