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墨尔本经济学论文代写 Safety Health And Environmental Management System

墨尔本经济学论文代写 Safety Health And Environmental Management System

Environment friendly, excellent paper and paperboards:

ITC used technologies like Ozone bleaching to manufacture Elemental chlorine free pulp, paper and paperboards in India. It has been marketing this product under the title of the ‘Greenest Paper’ to its customers including products like Classmate notebooks and paperkraft – premium business papers.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chose the LEED Platinum rated ITC Green Centre to announce a vision for Indo-US collaboration on climate change.

Social performance

Labour practices and decent work

The HRM of ITC created a responsive, customer-centric and market focussed culture that enhances organisational capability and vitality. The total direct employment count was 26,200 as the recent figures where-as the indirect number has crossed over 5 million. Employees in ITC strive together to enhance productivity, quality and deliver effectiveness. Indirect employment encompasses the supply and distribution network, agro-sourcing, social and farm forestry, e-chaupals, women’s empowerment and micro-enterprises and livestock development.

Occupational health and safety

Units established by ITC have implemented best in class infrastructure, state of art fire detection and protection systems and the latest electrical equipment so that there is no compromise on safety.


ITC has conducted more than 102 awareness programmes that included 4700 employees to curb the epidemic.

Other steps in work-culture development include:

Prevention of discrimination at the work place

Freedom of association

Prohibiting child labour and preventing forced labour at work place

Diversity and equal opportunity

墨尔本经济学论文代写 Safety Health And Environmental Management System


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