MS Access Assignment 代写 记英语日记

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Keeping a diary in English isan effective way to improve our level of English.It can practice our way to think in English; it provides a chancefor us to understand and use English words and phrases as well as idioms better;it a good way to practice and improve our writing skills.


In the first place, to keep a diary in English,we need to think in English. As Chinese students, we are used to thinking inour traditional way and it is quite difficult to change our way of thinking. Keepinga dairy can help us find the difference between the ways of thinking in Chineseand in English, understand the basic way of English thinking and finally use itin our composition. And if we understand the way of thinking in English, wewill be easier to learn English well.


Second, to keep a diary in English, we needto master the certain number of English vocabulary, phrases, idioms and the cultureof English country. Therefore, the process of keeping a diary is also a processof learning and understanding English.


Third, keeping a diary in English is a goodway to improve our English writing skills. Through keeping a diary, we canaccumulate the certain number of English knowledge and use them flexibly. Overa long period, we will find that our level of writing have been improved a lot.


In a word, keeping a diary in English ishelpful to improve our level of English.


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