Nursing Assignment 代写:训练赛

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设定目标:目标设定理论提高界的动机是定义为“实现一个特定的水平在这次的任务通常是在一个特定时间限制”(洛克、肖、岛和莱瑟姆1981)。有各种不同类型的目标;过程、性能和结果的目标。和不同时间尺度(短期和长期),然后也有聪明的原理可以应用到所有的目标。设定目标的最重要的部分之一就是比赛或训练后给出的反馈,因为它可以增加动机强化的能力,成就,和控制(班杜拉,1977)。结果目标目标是基于竞争的结果,例如这界是否团队赢得了这场比赛。性能目标是基于一个特定的标准实现,在球员个人相关标准,例如这个球员就会有多少目标她得分,多少次。过程中定义的目标是Earley et al(1990)作为目标”作为单独的方式实现了一个工作策略”对这些球员之一将是永远纪念你的球员,除非你攻击。

Nursing Assignment 代写:训练赛

The netballer's both say they feel unmotivated to participate in training sessions or matches due to fact they feel they are not achieving a level that their coach thinks they should be attaining, and that the improvement in a match situation has levelled off, and very slightly decreased as all three of them are no longer intercepting passes from the opposition, scoring goals and assisting the other attacker in the "D". They mention no longer having the 'feel good' factor. The intervention will help the netballers regain the enjoyment in their sport, in a way of showing the improvements they are making in shooting, interception and assisting, in order to get back their confidence in there ability as an attacker.  The proposed intervention will evaluate how goal setting and the self efficacy theory can help the player motivate themselves once again, and increase their performance.

Goal Setting: The theory of goal setting to improve the netballers motivation is defined to 'attain a specific level of proficiency on a task usually within a specific time limit' (Locke, Shaw, Saari and Latham 1981).There are various different types of goals; process, performance and outcome goals. And different time scales (short term and long-term) and then there is also the SMART principle that can be applied to all of the goals. One of the most important parts of setting goals is the feedback given after a match or training session as it can increase motivation by reinforcing a sense of capability, achievement, and control (Bandura, 1977). Outcome goals are goals based on the result of the competition, for example for this netballer whether the team won the match or not. Performance goals are based on a specific standard to be achieved, that are linked in to the players personal standards, for instance for this player they would be how many goals she scored, how many interceptions made. Process goals are defined in Earley et al (1990) as goals "concerning the manner in which as individual implements a work strategy" one for these players would be to always be marking your player unless you are attacking.