Operating Systems 代写 春节 spring festival

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SpringFestival, also called the Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in ourcountry. It comes between late January and the middle of February. EveryChinese enjoys this festival very much.


DuringSpring Festival, we have seven days off. We usually get together with ourfamilies on New Year’s Eve. We have so many delicious dishes, such as chicken,duck, fish, meat and so on. But we consider fish as our major dish, sincehaving fish represents a wish that we will be prosperous in the next year.However, people in the north often eat dumplings. It means to ring out the oldand usher in the new year. After supper, we always watch TV programs, theSpring Festival Gala is the tradition. Or we also play fireworks outside. Onthe first New Year's Day, we always pay New Year’s visit to our relatives andfriends, so as to exchange our best regards with each other.


Bythe way, I think the children are the happiest ones, because they can weartheir new clothes and receive a lot of red envelopes.


How I wish every day is Spring Festival.

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