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珀斯代写assignment :压力

压力是普遍常见的所有工作,它影响高和地位低下的工人。第一个压力相关的来源是关于因素内在工作。这些因素例如由于工作条件等物理环境,导致不良的心理健康状态。可怜的心理健康也可以工作条件差的原因造成紧张的工作安排等工作快为了及时完成工作或烦人的工作时间和工作设置如灯光太亮或太暗,也有环境的压力来源。如果我把我自己的工作,作为一个销售推广,由于天气原因可以屈服应力到工人特别是在夏天的中间轴承热而试图让销售给客户。工作场所的外观设计是另一个潜在压力的来源,例如贫穷办公室设计收益率缺乏沟通,增加了压力。轮班工作也是另一个内在因素的负面影响,如增加血液的温度,影响新陈代谢率和血糖。长时间工作造成不利影响员工的健康进而影响以及他的家人。超负荷工作导致压力,两个定量和定性过载增加压力由于工作时间长,由于分别艰辛。风险和危险导致战斗或逃跑的情况下,增加工人的压力水平。与技术更新也有更少的实践做一份工作从而增加压力。我们当中最重要的是与技术如笔记本电脑、鼓励人们工作24 – 7导致更少的时间为自己和他们的家庭。


珀斯代写assignment :压力

Stress is universally common among all jobs, and it affects both the high and low status workers. The first stress related source is in regards to factors intrinsic to the job. Such factors are for example because of the working conditions such as physical surroundings, resulting in poor mental health. Poor mental health can also be the cause of poor working conditions resulting from tight work schedules such as working fast in order to finish work in time or tiresome working hours and by work settings such as lighting too bright or too dim. There are also environmental sources of stress. If I take my own case in work, being a sales promoter, due to weather conditions can yield stress onto the workers especially in the midst of summer bearing the heat while trying to make sales to customers. Exterior design of the workplace is another potential source of stress, for example poor office design yields to poor communication which adds to stress. Shift work is also another intrinsic factor which has negative effects such as an increase in blood temperature, affects metabolism rate and blood sugars. Long working hours affect negatively the health of the employee which in turn affects as well his family. Work overload causes stress; both Quantitative and Qualitative overload increase stress due to long work hours and due to hardships respectively. Risk and danger contribute to fight or flight situations which increases worker’ stress levels. With technology being updated there is also fewer fulfillments in doing a job thus an increase in stress level. Most importantly with technology among us such as laptops, people are encouraged to work 24-7 resulting in less time for themselves and their family.

Another stress related source is the role in the organization. Role ambiguity is one major problem concerning this criterion. Individuals who do have a clear picture of what they should do or they do not know how they fit in the organization are subject to stress. Role ambiguity contributes to role conflict as a worker may have conflicting job demands, or do things which he finds difficult or useless; these accumulate stress in the workplace. On top of that role conflicts also add up to cardiovascular health risks and high blood pressures. Responsibility is another stress agent which can be divided in two areas; responsibility for people and responsibility for things. Studies show that when responsibility is applied to people, it is far more stressful. Stress due to responsibility for people leads to coronary heart diseases which increases with age.